Antiwar Activists in Denver

Posted by Katherine | August 30, 2008 – 2:23 pm

Stephen Swofford, Denver resident, says it only occurred to him a year ago that he could translate his love of photography into a career. He now appears to be a photojournalism student at Metro State College of Denver. Last week during the convention he took to the streets to and recorded antiwar protesters.

Here’s “Forrest” from Boulder giving a police phalanx the peace sign:

Protester giving peace sign
[Stephen Swofford / Flickr]

These antiwar protesters got a little more personal with police during a march:

Antiwar marchers clash with police
[Stephen Swofford / Flickr]

Here, members of Iraq Veterans Against the War cheer after hearing that Obama will read their letter “calling for better veteran benefits, a quick withdrawal from the iraq war, and reparations to the iraqi people.”

IVAW protesters celebrate
[Stephen Swofford / Flickr]

And here is Code Pink, calling for immediate withdrawal from Iraq:

Code Pink protesters with sign
[Stephen Swofford / Flickr]

Well that and many other things.

[Update 2 September 2008: Stephen emailed to say that although he’s still a student, he’s working for one weekly paper and interning at another — so we’re probutcooling him retroactively and wish him the very best in his new career.]


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