Does Selecting Palin Put America First?

Posted by Katherine | September 3, 2008 – 7:44 am
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Jack Wood — retired lawyer from Nye County, Nevada, and Obama supporter — thinks McCain was right to suspend the first day of the GOP’s convention; he was placing America first. He also thinks Obama did the decent thing in condemning commentary about Bristol Palin’s pregnancy.

What impressed him less was McCain’s choice of running mate:

But Senator McCain’s selection of Governor Palin does raise, in my mind, his capacity for sound judgment. Why would he pick a Vice Presidential running mate with capabilities so thin as to be almost nonexistent, with little or no vetting, and only a cursory knowledge and acquaintance? Some have referred to it as reckless, others as careless. Certainly risky, considering she may wind up in the oval office with international and national responsibilities.

That doesn’t appear to have been an act which places the American people first. It does appear, at least to me, as a political consideration of Senator McCain […]

There will be lots of arguments to the contrary in St. Paul this week.


  1. 4 Responses to “Does Selecting Palin Put America First?”

  2. For the same reasons, makes you wonder why did the democratic party chose Obama for presidential contender…

    By Paul on Sep 3, 2008

  3. I have never heard such a one sided PBS News Hour program as tonight (9/4), especially from Gwen Ifill. We always watch PBS for the news and usually find it objective. While Sarah Palin gave a great speech, apparently written by some else, from what I am hearing there seem to be some critical questions.
    1) Did she fire a local librarian who would not sensor some books in the library?
    2) Did God really tell her to build a new pipeline. God talks to Bush – Her also?
    3) She supported the bridge to nowhere initially. Now she says she was against it.
    4) How about building a railroad from her town to a ski slope?
    5) Is she against sex education for teens? Her daughter seems not to have had it.
    6) Is she a right wing religious fanatic who will dictate to the rest of us? Will there then be separation of Church and State?

    About change? Assuming we will have a democratic house and senate, how will McCain unify government? I used to admire him, but in the last three years he has become another Bush. I would guess he may lose mcuh House and Senate support. Also neither candidate can do what they say, without raising taxes, especially McCain.
    How about addressing some of these questions? As Americans we need some truths so we can objectively elect the right person.

    By Edward F McBride on Sep 4, 2008

  4. I thought Palin gave the wrong speech. She’s not running for president. She should have been more humble and admitting she has a lot to learn to be a reliable and effective VP.

    By Ralph on Sep 5, 2008

  5. Thanks for using my photo. I like the blog and agree with what you have said and with the other comments.

    By Jeff on Sep 6, 2008

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