Veteran Protests McCain

Posted by Katherine | September 6, 2008 – 11:33 am

Brian Glanz from Seattle captured this screenshot during McCain’s convention speech. Brian says under the photo that he feels NBC and CNN did an inadequate job of reporting the protests in their written accounts of the speech. (Thanks, Sue Salinger.)

Protester at McCain’s convention speech
[brian.glanz / Flickr]

If you’d like to do your own fact checking on voting records on veterans’ issues, Project Vote Smart seems like a pretty objective place to begin. It doesn’t, though, appear to track all of the relevant legislation. Click here for McCain and here for Obama. You could also check out our own post on the recent GI Bill.


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  2. How is it that a young male protestor wearing a t-shirt, sporting tattoos and carrying what must have been a 4ft long cardboard banner manages to get past a phalanx of riot police outside, convention security inside and into a building full of a sea of security conscious Republicans, post-911 paranoia and people who have Secret Service details? Or was it just convenient to let someone in to serve as a foil for McCain’s “ground noise and static” comment that felt more canned than Chef Boyardee? Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

    By Don on Sep 6, 2008

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