Police in St. Paul

Posted by Katherine | September 10, 2008 – 10:10 am

Over 800 people were arrested in St. Paul during the Republican convention last week: protesters (some violent), journalists, and apparently innocent bystanders. There were also a few pre-emptive raids. Some people felt a general air of intimidation, which is reflected in these photos.

Darin Barry from Northern California likes to photograph “things the way they are,” by which he means “not excluding the ugly, cheesy, lame or frightening underbelly of places I go.” This view from inside a coffee shop was, to him, seemingly a glimpse of St. Paul’s underbelly. He says, “It was especially creepy because there was no one around at that moment.” (Thanks, Sue Salinger.)

View of police from inside coffee shop
[Darin Barry / Flickr]

Chad Davis lives in Minneapolis and avidly documented the convention in his twin city. Here he captured a phalanx of riot police (hat tip again to Sue Salinger):

Police in St. Paul
[chad davis / Flickr]

And here he caught one policeman atop a diner — apparently moments before this group of police used tear gas (and, again, thanks to Sue Salinger).

Police on diner entrance
[chad davis / Flickr]

Finally, also from Chad via Sue Salinger, a Darth Vader closeup:

Police in gas mask and visor
[chad davis / Flickr]

Click here, here, and here for some more shots of the police presence.


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