Tear Gas and Mace in St. Paul

Posted by Katherine | September 10, 2008 – 10:22 am

Flickr turned up lots of pictures of tear gas and its effects in St. Paul last week. Hat tip to Sue Salinger for all of the photos in this post.

From Chad Davis again (featured previously in this post), here’s the tear gas itself. He says it was being used on “innocent protesters.”

Cloud of tear gas
[chad davis / Flickr]

Sean is a freshman at Columbia College Chicago. He doesn’t think he’s especially gifted at photography, but he’s majoring in it anyway. He describes this scene he recorded as a “radical rinsing out the eyes of a photographer who had been maced by police.”

Eye being rinced after mace
[sean v / Flickr]

Kesschris documented another photographer, post macing:

A maced photographer
[kesschris / Flickr]

It’s a little hard to imagine anyone missing those press credentials on the front of his shirt. Maybe he just got in the way of someone else being maced?…


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