Not Like the Republicans She Knows

Posted by Katherine | September 10, 2008 – 10:58 am
Baby with drill
Drill, baby, drill [kellyandapril / Flickr]

Anne from Ann Arbor is a Democrat, a teacher, and a lover of folk art. She also has near and dear Republicans in her life (with whom she avoids talking politics). Anne saw nothing resembling them at the Republican convention last week (thanks, James Mills):

My husband and I have been watching all the convention speeches on BOTH sides because we like to make our own opinions—we don’t rely on pundits. I’m having a really hard time with these Republican speeches—particularly the really hateful Palin one last night. Really—are we speaking another language? Do they live in a totally different country than I do? Who ARE these people? They are not like the republicans that I know.

And then…when the crowd started chating “Drill, baby, drill!” (referring to the Artic National Wildlife Refuge) I was horrified. Seriously, part of me started thinking that people were going to start burning books.

Click here to see exactly how this made Anne feel.


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