Against Palin… Before He Was (Sort Of) For Her

Posted by Katherine | September 10, 2008 – 11:56 am
Squirrel on a fence
On the fence [slavetothemusic / Flickr]

Ann Raber just discovered an interesting new blogger. He writes anonymously at Black Men for McCain. He says he’s a black Republican and a Christian who dislikes Obama and intended his month-old blog to support McCain.

Until, at least, McCain picked Palin:

I’m a Republican because this party supports my beliefs: personal accountability, family values, country first. But now that same party is telling me that while those things are still important, they don’t mean what I thought they meant.

We are being mocked the world over. Our pundits are being laughed off every major news network for their inability to make a clear argument in favor of this decision. Can you blame the poor bastards? YOU go out and explain why Sarah Palin is the most qualified Republican for the job. (And no, you can’t say it’s because she sold a state government plane on EBay.)

I never thought I’d say it, but my vote is on the line.

Two days later, he’d reconsidered somewhat:

Sarah Palin punked me.

At first, all I saw was the glaring lack of experience. Then it was the hypocritical and deeply uncomfortable family “situation.” I was confused, almost reeling, and I made my judgment. Then this woman walked out on stage and blew the room away. All those who didn’t understand why she was on the ticket (including myself) suddenly got it. This is the future of the Republican Party.

Elections are won and lost in this country based on a candidate’s appeal to uneducated rural Christian voters. There is no other factor. Sarah Palin proved tonight that she can speak directly to the country’s most crucial electoral group in their own language. […] She has the timing, the delivery and the familiarity to make millions feel that they have someone just like them in the White House.

The blogger doesn’t know whether he likes what this says about America. He believes, though, that Democrats are now feeling “the first icy wind of defeat” because Palin has “every appeal of George W. Bush and a great many things more.” For now, his vote appears to be off the fence and back in the McCain camp.


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  2. did you read his post today? sounds pretty pissed off at McCain/Palin to me. somebody should make an effort to change dude’s mind. seems like all he needs is a little push. hopefully he lives in Ohio or Virginia.

    By Dan on Sep 10, 2008

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