Lipstick on a Map

Posted by Katherine | September 17, 2008 – 2:21 pm

OK one more lipstick thing. Aroma Cucina slyly combined the lipstick smears with her skepticism about Sarah Palin’s mastery of foreign policy. Aroma says, “Had to look at a map so that I could understand the depth of Palin’s knowledge about Russia.” (Thanks, James Mills.)

Lipstick on map
[Aroma Cucina / Flickr]

It looks like she wrote “Wasilla” with a red Sharpie and not the lipstick, though, doesn’t it?


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  2. Ciao. You bet I used a Sharpie, no way was I going to waste a perfectly good lipstick on Palin and her ‘view’ of foreign policy! :–)

    By Judith Klinger, Aroma Cucina on Sep 22, 2008

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