The Culture Wars, Again

Posted by Katherine | September 19, 2008 – 3:53 pm
Spirituality and politics sign
[Aelle / Flickr]

There’s been lots of talk about Palin’s candidacy dragging this campaign back into the culture wars. Pentimento, a musician, grad student, and “Catholic revert,” plays a melancholy variation on that theme:

Obama and Palin (let’s face it, the election is really between them) personify the intense longing of those on each side who believe that they have lost in the culture wars and that their time has now come. The sad thing is, neither Obama nor Palin, nor any other politician in post-utopian American, can fulfill that longing, which is, in many ways, not political but spiritual.

Hard to hear, sometimes, whether political and spiritual are harmonious or dissonant.


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