Media and Gas Shortages After Gustav and Ike

Posted by Katherine | September 26, 2008 – 12:46 pm

Refinery problems due to hurricanes Gustav and Ike caused significant gas shortages across the southeast earlier this week. AMPinto0123 recorded the gas line at a Costco in Nashville — the only station of eight in the vicinity that had any fuel for sale. (Hat tip to Sarolta Cump.)

Houtopia of Houtopia wrote last week that residents of southeast Texas — who are still reeling from Ike — were being largely ignored by the media (thanks again to Sarolta Cump):

Sure, Anderson Cooper and some of the national media were here when the storm actually hit, for the dramatic video, but where are they now? Do they know that over 70% of people in this region are without electricity? Do they know there are serious shortages of ice, water, food and gasoline here? Do they understand that whole communities have been totally wiped out? Do they care?

We realize that there is a hot presidential election happening, that Wall Street is in the midst of serious turmoil, and that OJ is back in court, but for us to get the resources needed to begin recovering from this disaster, we need national attention paid to it.

In an earlier post, houtopia also lit into FEMA for delivering another subpar recovery effort.


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