Citizens Protest the Bailout Plan

Posted by Katherine | October 2, 2008 – 10:08 am

Last week, citizens everywhere from New York to Albuquerque to Burbank protested the $700B bailout proposal (thanks, Sue Salinger and James Mills). The common theme: how does this help us?

Ryan in Fargo would much rather, thank you very much, have a personal assist from the Fed/Treasury. So he made a specific request (thanks, Sue Salinger):

Anti-bailout sign in Fargo
[rmgustaf / Flickr]

Lee-Sean Huang has lived all over the world and uses the web to spread his activism and music. Also his photos of anti-bailout protesters in New York. This one couldn’t resist a dig at a previous Bush-administration bailout attempt (thanks again, Sue Salinger):

Anti-bailout protester in NY
[leesean / Flickr]

Kandice Thompson from Richwood, Ohio, calls herself a “Tree Hugging ~ Dirt Worshiper.” She tends an organic garden, paints, writes poetry… and on occasion makes signs. Here she is, “using [her] 1st amendment right to voice [her] opinion.” (Thanks again, James Mills.)

Anti-bailout protester in OH
[Earth Spirit / Flickr]

Finally, from New Yorker letsgetridofny, sights and sounds of the anti-Wall-Street-bailout protest on Wall Street (hat tip again to Sue Salinger):

[letsgetridofny / Flickr]

McCain and Obama both voted yesterday for the Senate’s bailout bill. Where does that leave these protesters on election day?


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  2. ANY THIRD PARTY CANDIDATE WILL DO! Send a message! We dont want “bipartisanship” we want more choices! I’m going with Barr or Baldwin.

    By Kelly on Oct 2, 2008

  3. Two obvious points would be that, A: The majority of Americans are against letting the Wall Street Bankers and special interests knock over the national till, and B: The previous truth is being robustly ignored by both our elected representatives and the Main Scream Media.

    We’re not talking about a $22 million fighter jet or even a billion dollar nuclear sub here. The $700 billion… make that, nearly one Trillion dollars now, represents a respectable piece of the core fluidity of our national economy. If frittered away, and perhaps as mishandled as this whole sorry affair has already been, you might as well plan on feeding your kids from a soup kitchen.

    By Redoubt on Oct 2, 2008

  4. im a middle class person that is now out of a job ,there would have been a simple solution .
    instead of giving our money to corparation such as aig ,the gov could have paid every home owners morgage up to 150000,to the morgage company,s this would have given eguity in every household,which would give people more chance to borry more money ,the morgage company,s would have been paid and the economy would be able to spend more money . instead the gov takes our money to make bank rich , when we have to pay this back ,so what ends up to be we pay twice for our homes . so go ahead and flood the banks with more of our money but if were not working whos going to bowwer it

    By ralph snyder on Oct 17, 2008

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