Watching the VP Debate

Posted by Katherine | October 7, 2008 – 11:22 am

Since the vice-presidential debate was so widely watched, it seems worth noting how a few of the roughly 70 million viewers did it.

Gary Ku lives in New Haven, likes avocados, and made a poster for a VP-debate party at his friend Jerome’s. His graphic suggests he was handicapping the debate for Biden, no?

VP debate poster
[flyoverstate / Flickr]

Luke Healey has too many cameras and aims to photodocument his daily life. Here’s his moment of the VP debate:

VP debate on TV
[Luke H / Flickr]

Dave Shumaker lives in San Francisco and wants to study earthquakes. He watched with friends (thanks, Ann Raber):

VP debate with friends
[Dave Schumaker / Flickr]

Tina from Seattle apparently got through it with the help of a tongue-loosening brew:

Biden Brew beer
[tinatinatinatinatina / Flickr]

Kim Baker loves photographing her DC-area homebase. She survived the debate thanks to some Palin bingo. A drinking game, quite possibly? (Hat tip again to Ann Raber.)

Palin bingo card
[kimberlyfaye / Flickr]

Steve Ryan from Groveland, California, says he’s “not exactly politically active” but felt he should watch the debate. He sat down with a glass of wine:

VP debate reflected in wine glass
[Velo Steve / Flickr]

Alcohol. That seems to be the ticket.


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