Advice for Palin from a Fan

Posted by Katherine | October 7, 2008 – 12:17 pm
McCain/Palin supporters
[andrewjking87 / Flickr]

Barb is a grandmother, homemaker, and former teacher in Toledo, Ohio. She describes herself as a “disciple of Jesus’s” and a socially conservative Republican. She supports Palin, and after Palin’s interview with Charlie Gibson, Barb had some advice and encouragement for her. (Thanks, Sarolta Cump):

Sarah, you just relax and be your lovely self. Promise to research anything that’s important to know when you draw a blank.

Don’t let McCain’s handlers wear you out. Follow your own instincts. They’ve served you pretty well thus far. […]

We aren’t behind you because you know everything there is to know: we are behind you because you share our values and ideals and we think that’s important in national leaders who get our vote. And we think you’ve shown that you can rise to any challenge.

Barb prayed for Palin during the VP debate and felt she was “self-possessed, confident, poised, spoke well, not shrill or twangy but quite beautifully.”


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