Posted by Katherine | March 18, 2008 – 6:19 pm
Computer and coffee cups
Coffee cups! [wrumsby / Flickr]

We’re not asleep at the wheel. We promise. In fact we’re reasonably caffeinated, though we haven’t been blogging much; instead we’ve been hiring great co-curators and figuring out how exactly to collect and sort and display all of the content we’ll be finding.

On the tech front, here’s something you can check out: tag clouds. We shamelessly stole the idea straight from Charles Lane, who’s working on PRX’s election-audio collection (and blogging about it). Then Robert and Andrew worked some of their magic to customize a cloud for each of the “Words,” “Videos,” “Pictures,” and “Audio” pages. This means that if you’re on the “Words” page and you click on the johnmccain tag, it’ll take you to everything in the “Words” category that we’ve tagged johnmccain. Hard to explain, but just try it. Kinda cool, no?


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