Iraq Veterans Arrested at Third Presidential Debate

Posted by Katherine | October 21, 2008 – 10:40 am

Several Iraq veterans were arrested and injured at Hofstra University during the third presidential debate. They were part of a crowd protesting the Iraq war and wanted to ask each candidate a question. (You can hear them voicing the questions here — hat tip to Sarolta Cump.)

John J Hagan, an artist in Brooklyn, caught a protesting Marine. It’s not clear whether the Marine intended the flag to be upside down because in this shot it’s right-side up. (Thanks, Sarolta Cump and Sue Salinger):

Protesting Marine
[John J Hagan / Flickr]

Jacqueline Fernandez is a Hunter College student who has been covering the election for the school’s newspaper. She was at Hofstra reporting on the protesters, the arrests, and the injuries. (Thanks again to Sarolta Cump.)

Possibly the injured civilian meant batons not battering rams?…


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