It’s Not Just About the National Election

Posted by Katherine | October 22, 2008 – 12:54 pm
A Denver-County ballot
A Denver-County ballot [Leia / Flickr]

The Colorado blogger at ThoughtsOfMyOwn cares hugely about Obama and the national election, but she’s also doing her homework on her state candidates and ballot measures. If you’re a fellow Coloradan, she’d like you to do the same. (Thanks, Misa Dayson.)

A few weeks ago we all should have received a guide in the mail that lists all of the measures on the ballot. […] As you decide what your concerns are, you can mark your ballot guide and they’ll even let you take your note card right into the ballot box with you. It’s like the ultimate open book test. All the questions are given to you a month in advance, you can look up all the answers before you go in, and all you have to do is transfer the answers from your paper to theirs. Should be easy.

Unfortunately, as many of us did in high school, too many people aren’t worried about studying for this important test. We figure we can just wing it when we get inside. What’s easy to forget, however, is that it can be overwhelming once you’re in your booth. You know there is a line, you know that you need to be quick, and hopefully you know that the ramifications are serious. […]

At the end of the day, our vote matters. On the local level as well as the national level, what we think about our government is essential.

ThoughtsOfMyOwn recalls how valiantly some Americans fought for universal suffrage — a right she hopes you’ll exercise thoughtfully.


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