Rallying for McCain

Posted by Katherine | October 23, 2008 – 5:22 pm

An assortment of pictures from recent McCain/Palin rallies.

Linnette Vasquez would like to live in Disney World. At the moment, though, she resides in Miami, where she attended a McCain rally last Friday and spotted this shy supporter:

Middle class for McCain
[linnette alissa. / Flickr]

The same day, togross saw McCain holding up a “Joe the Plumber” shirt at a rally in Melbourne, Florida:

McCain with Joe-the-plumber shirt
[togross / Flickr]

On Saturday, Digital Timmay recorded this Marine mother at a rally in Woodbridge, Virginia:

Marine mom
[Digital Timmay / Flickr]

Donny Warbritton caught these crossover Democrats at a Palin rally in Grand Junction, Colorado, on Monday (thanks, Sue Salinger):

Dems for McCain
[the real donnyw / Flickr]

Chris Eversole, a photojournalism student at the University of Central Missouri, took this great portrait on Monday at a McCain rally in Belton, Missouri. He says the man was watching a “small Obama protest.”

McCain supporter with cigar and cowboy hat
[chris eversole / Flickr]

Lots of red, white, and blue — with signs. And a cigar! And a cowboy hat!


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