Rallying for Obama

Posted by Katherine | October 23, 2008 – 6:09 pm

And now a companion series of pictures from recent Obama/Biden rallies.

Also a fun fact for the day: When I typed “mccain rally” into Flickr earlier this afternoon, 6,357 photos surfaced. For “obama rally,” 53,353 popped up. This obviously doesn’t reflect the respective popularity of the two candidates, but maybe it says something about the webbyness of their supporters? Or affinity for cameras or tagging?

Jerry Adlersfluegel Jr. took this shot of last weekend’s line for the massive Obama rally in St. Louis using a 1951 Graflex Speed Graphic, given to him by his dad. In a previous life, the camera was used by a wedding photographer.

Line for Obama rally in St. Louis
[jerrya.net / Flickr]

You can see several more of Jerry’s excellent black-and-white shots from the rally in this photoset.

On Tuesday, at a rally in Bicentennial Park in Miami, Stephanie Araujo saw young supporters…

Baby at Obama rally in FL
[stephanie araujo / Flickr]

… and older supporters (from the construction-workers’ union LIUNA).

LIUNA members
[stephanie araujo / Flickr]

Jason Powell recorded the evening crowd yesterday at Obama’s rally rally in Leesburg, Virginia.

Crowd at Obama rally in Leesburg VA
[jasonepowell / Flickr]

Webperez caught Obama’s quarter-profile yesterday at the same Leesburg rally.

Obama silhouette
[webperez / Flickr]

What’s striking here: you can tell unmistakably that it’s Obama, even in silhouette.


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