They Voted Early

Posted by Katherine | October 27, 2008 – 7:11 pm

Christine Hennessey is a New Yorker transplanted to Nacogdoches in East Texas, where she’s a librarian and “aspiring author.” Last week, she voted for Obama during a lunchbreak (thanks, Sue Salinger):

Early voter in TX
[madame.furie / Flickr]

RCKM ©®™, a “down to earth” photographer, likes “to see people share their lives” on Flickr. Here’s a glimpse of his: on the same day that Christine voted in Texas, he waited for two and a half hours at the polls in Georgia. He says, “When I saw the line today I thought to myself .. ‘Is this worth it?’ and YES IT WAS.” (Hat tip again to Sue Salinger.)

GA voter sticker
[RCKM ©®™ / Flickr]

Raglind explains that this elderly woman voted early in Orlando last week and hadn’t cast a ballot since 1964, when she supported Johnson. (Thanks, Ann Raber.)

FL early voter
[raglind / Flickr]

Raglind also says she’s 104 years old… That hardly seems possible but, if true, hats absolutely off!


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