Happy Campaign-08 Halloween!

Posted by Katherine | October 31, 2008 – 10:29 am

Is there always this much pumpkin art during campaign years?

Mechanical engineer Gabriel Edwards took this photo — and presumably was involved in the carving:

McCain Palin pumpkins
[glxedwards / Flickr]

For this pumpkin, origamidoc used a template created by Aidenag, which was in turn based on Shepard Fairey’s now-famous poster. (You can see Aidenag’s orignal Barack O’Lantern here.)

Obama Hope pumpkin
[origamidoc / Flickr]

Jim spotted this one at a pumpkin festival in Keene (possibly Keene, NH?). [Update 1 Nov 2008: Jim confirmed via Flickrmail that the Keene Pumpkin Festival is indeed in New Hampshire.]

McCain Palin pumpkin
[not_on_display / Flickr]

Slack13 captured this Obama reflection in a window in DC.

Obama pumpkin reflection
[slack13 / Flickr]

And in nonpartisan spirit, Mutari recorded both candidates, carved meticulously by Jeny. (Proud carver, it seems, pictured here.)

Obama and McCain pumpkins
[m u t a r i / Flickr]

Haven’t had enough? Check this out: four pals in Memphis, NYC, and Chicago designed a whole viral Obama-pumpkin site called Yes We Carve (thanks, Emily Martin).


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