Halloween Election Humor

Posted by Katherine | October 31, 2008 – 11:10 am

The pumpkins are impressive. But now a little Halloween irreverence.

Steven Martin is a “fortysomething” Fort Worth resident (via Chicago and Florida). He saw this Texas yard art several weeks ago and editorialized:

A McCain-Palin sign by a scary ghost and smaller ghosts taking flight above the sign. The homeowner should realize what kind of message is being sent here.

McCain Palin ghosts
[StevenM_61 / Flickr]

Meg appears to have an adventurous (and hopefully not singed) cat. (Thanks, James Mills.)

Cat in Obama pumpkin
[megaul / Flickr]

Chrystal Parsons, a pharmacy technician in Pensacola, Florida, passes this McCain/Palin house on her way to work. She was amused by the Halloween signs on the door and by the “No broom parking” warning — complete with broom slapped with parking ticket. See all of the details in the large size here. (Thanks, Sue Salinger.)

Broom with parking ticket
[greenasian / Flickr]

Mgclendenin went to Hallowfest 2008 last weekend, where Joe the Plumber proposed to five Sarah Palins. (Thanks, James Mills.)

Joe proposes to Palins
[mgclendenin / Flickr]

Party politics!


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  2. Okay, the ghosts with the McCain-Palin signs are pretty funny…does the homeowner realize what he/she is saying?

    By Linda on Nov 1, 2008

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