Whipper Snapper Phone Banking for Obama

Posted by Ann | November 3, 2008 – 11:59 am

[Ann Raber is a BallotVox co-curator.]

Have you guys met Henry? No? Well, allow me the pleasure of introducing you. Henry lives near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He loves comedy, bowling, Barack Obama, and walleye fishing, but we’re thinking he has a future in speech writing.

Henry blogs about fishing, contributes to wikiHow, and recently started vlogging about whatever is on his mind. And lately it’s been politics.

Here, Henry recalls a night of phone banking for Obama:

He has another video we really liked about the Obama infomercial, but we didn’t feature it because Henry flew off the handle and called some people with whom he disagrees mean names (no curse words or anything, but he didn’t hold back his ire).

But Henry has plenty of time to learn to tone down his rhetoric without blunting that ferocious passion. We will be watching.


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