Voting Early and Patiently for the Environment

Posted by Katherine | November 1, 2008 – 9:01 pm

Early voting line in NC
A six-to-seven-hour early-voting line in Charlotte, NC, earlier today [Ted Abbott / Flickr]

Yesterday, the last day of early voting in Georgia, MSNBC reported one polling-place line in Atlanta with a wait time of eight to ten hours. People stood in line for eight to ten hours to cast a ballot!

Becky, a commenter on the blog No Impact Man, and her elderly mother showed similar grit — on behalf of the environment:

i stood in line with my 87 year old mother and other early voters for 3 hours last week to vote for barack obama. my youngest daughter also waited about 2.5 hours on a different day. my oldest daughter voted yesterday and logged the best wait time so far at 1.5 hours. our motivation? highest on the list is our belief in his understanding of the environmental crisis our world faces. one thing we all noticed, waiting in line, not one person was complaining. everyone seemed awash in the same conviction we shared, a determination to vote, to exercise our right to have a say in this election when it seems more than ever so much hangs in the balance.

It’s enough to take the edge off the most hardened political cynic.


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  2. Too bad they didn’t have absentee ballots!

    By Linda on Nov 1, 2008

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