Christians Figuring Faith Into Their Votes

Posted by Katherine | November 3, 2008 – 1:22 pm
Bible and Constitution
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Two Christians. Two distinct views on how to mix faith and politics.

Meaghan is a Democrat getting a Ph.D. in psychology at Tulane in New Orleans. She says she likes knitting and is sarcastic, but here she is entirely earnest about faith and American democracy.

Don’t get me wrong, I like people to have values and morals and all of that, but do I think they necessarily need to be a Christian to lead this country? No.

I think they need to be a Christian to lead my church, absolutely. But I believe that there are MANY, MANY types of people in this world and just because we don’t necessarily agree with what they believe, doesn’t mean we get to make laws that affect them based on what we happen to believe. […]

Separation of church and state exists for a reason. […] We are here because people didn’t think the government should be based on a denomination in which they didn’t necessarily believe. […]

Life, love, pursuit of happiness. Inalienable. Except when they disagree with the Christian faith? Not acceptable.

Joy describes herself as a “Christ follower” because she feels the term “Christian” has been “diluted […] to near nothing.” She believes the Bible is “God breathed and all true” and lives her life accordingly. Joy just had a baby and has been thinking a lot about the election during 2:00 am feedings.

Now many people claim people vote a certain way just because they are “Christian” (the person voting being Christian, not necessarily the candidate). Is this true? yes and no. In my case, yes it is true… that bad? NO WAY. [I]t IS my duty to vote accordingly to the foundations that Christ has laid out for me. Do I totally love one particular candidate? NO. But one choice was clear when it comes to my morals. I cannot not and will not waver on the foundation of my being. […]

It’s a slippery slope to start wavering on your morals. Throwing them out the window, one by one may put you in a place that may find absolutely shocking. Who will stand up for our sons and daughters and preserve the moral foundation that Christ has called us to? I for one will.

Chances are Meaghan and Joy will be voting differently — each taking full advantage of the freedom to make up her own mind.


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  2. Interesting viewpoints. I appreciated Colin Powell’s sentiments in saying a Muslim child should be able to dream about being president one day, but to be honest, I’m deeply doubtul it will ever happen. To some extent this has always been a Christian country and I’ve accepted that.

    By Roshan on Nov 3, 2008

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