Obama Street Art Keeps Happening

Posted by Katherine | November 3, 2008 – 4:05 pm

The Obama street-art phenomenon isn’t slowing down.

Tracy Clayton is an “avid reader” and a “hip hop purist” who grew up in Miami. His mother is Filipina and his father is African American, which gives him an outlook that he wants to “share […] with the world.” Tracy is a “wannabe photog,” so when he’s not at his day job working as a communications consultant in DC, he’s “letting the shutter fly.” This shot is from the streets of the capital.

No drama with Obama graffiti
[Terecico / Flickr]

Robert Stribley is a “restless” Aussie/American information architect in New York City. He likes taking pictures of the street art in his neighborhood.

Obama as Superman street art
[stribs / Flickr]

Stephanie Araujo (featured here) caught this artist working on his painting at an Obama rally in Miami’s Bicentennial Park.

Obama painting at a rally
[stephanie araujo / Flickr]

Dave C. is a laid-back “night owl” from Belleville, Illinois, who works a second shift as a machinist in St. Louis, just across the state line. He saw this mural in North St.L. (Thanks, James Mills.)

A change is coming mural
[easyguy97 / Flickr]

This last one isn’t street art in quite the same way — but it’s art that happened on the street through the lens of Mike Rengel. It’s also from St. Louis, and it shows Wyoming St. and Grand St. reflected on a huge Obama poster in the window of a campaign office.

Reflection in Obama campaign office window
[echoman / Flickr]

The “Grand St.” sign shows up just below Obama’s right eye — as though Mike positioned it there as a commentary on Obama’s political vision.


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