He Is Barack Obama

Posted by Katherine | November 3, 2008 – 5:57 pm

Jeff is a fan of his wife and video games… and Barack Obama. This appears to be a self-portrait.

Posing as Obama
[Jeff the Trojan / Flickr]

Under the photograph, Jeff writes an impassioned political manifesto.

[I am] …a patriotic American.
…the descendent of immigrants. […]
…a person with a moral compass, based on the values my Christian parents taught me and further tempered by my life experiences.
…proud of the many good things America does for us here at home and for the rest of the world in need.
…not afraid to criticize American policies that do harm to Americans and the rest of the world.
…a former Republican, driven away from the party by their abandonment of fiscal conservatism in favor of social conservatism. […]
…not afraid of electing a president with a skin color that is different than mine, or with a name that sounds foreign to me.
…not going to let my fear of terrorism override my sense of reason, decency, and morality any longer. […]
…aware that no candidate is going to agree with my views 100% of the time. […]
…voting for Barack Obama.

Click here to read the much more detailed full version.


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