American Democracy, Picasso-Style

Posted by Katherine | November 4, 2008 – 2:11 pm

I’ve been saving this one for today: Lady Liberty, à la Picasso, wanting to ask a question — while a Democratic and a Republican bird tussle over the POTUS seal. American democracy in action! The artist is TMNK (”the me nobody knows”) from New York City, who believes that “each of us can use our talents to make a difference.”

Lady Liberty painting
[5150: Have You Seen?: TMNK / Flickr]

TMNK had his doubts about the candidates’ “recycled rhetoric,” but today, when he voted, he allowed that it felt “historic.” His four-year-old son was also so determined to “vote” that he dragged his dad back to the polls a second time and persuaded the poll workers to let him into a real voting booth, where he pointed to his man. No voter fraud was committed, but one young man emerged very proud. It’s really worth reading the whole photo essay.


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