Standing in Line to Vote

Posted by Katherine | November 4, 2008 – 6:46 pm

Americans have been standing in line for hours all day. Some 100 million were expected at the polls today after twenty-nine-plus million voted early or absentee.

From sandygbandy, a pre-7 am crowd on 18th Street in DC.

Voting line in DC
[sandygbandy / Flickr]

From Valerie, a student who likes scrapbooking and genealogy, a two-and-a-half-hour line in Lawrenceville (or possibly Summerville), Georgia.

Voting line in GA
[Valerie ReneƩ / Flickr]

From Michael Gat, the line at the lifeguard station in Venice Beach. Michael says, “In a normal year, about a five minute wait. This year, about 45 minutes.”

Voting line in CA
[Michael Gat / Flickr]

From Will Femia, who photoblogs from North Brooklyn in New York, a line in Greenpoint.

Voting line in NY
[TrespassersWill / Flickr]

From Joe Lamb, a freelance photographer and photoblogger, people waiting it out in Cincinnati. This picture cheats a bit because it actually shows yesterday’s last early voters.

Voting line in OH
[Joe Lamb / Flickr]

The baby has it best of all.


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