McCain Voter, Obama Voter

Posted by Katherine | November 4, 2008 – 10:10 pm

Beth Lucey describes herself as a “happily married woman with a beautiful daughter.” She lives in Southbridge, Massachusetts, where she took this photo today. It’s not clear whether the truck and dog are hers or a neighbor’s, but the owner clearly voted for McCain. [Update 5 Nov 2008: Beth explained via Flickrmail that the truck and dog belong to someone who lives near her polling place.]

McCain voter
[IrishLace82 / Flickr]

Jack Letourneau lives “a simple bourgeois life among state workers and students” in Troy, New York. He was excited to see that his precinct still had the “the old beefy mechanical flip-lever voting machines.” Then he pulled one of those levers for Obama.

Troy voting machine
[letouj / Flickr]

He was smitten by the tactile and aural experience of voting:

The yard-long master lever up front for opening the booth curtains and registering your vote is immensely satisfying to operate, and sounds the way I imagine a piano-sized typewriter’s carriage return might.

Jack is a web-application developer; computer keyboards aren’t quite as evocative.


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  2. Glad you liked my photo. It’ll sure be a sad day when they finally retire those lever-operated voting machines. Throwing the big lever when you’re finished voting feels like being a Mad Scientist of Democracy.

    By Jack on Nov 5, 2008

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