They Danced

Posted by Katherine | November 5, 2008 – 4:23 pm

And while they were out in the streets, the Obama fans danced.

Coeur-sang saw this couple in the East Village in New York.

Dancing in the East Village
[coeur-sang / Flickr]

Ryan Carver likes to photograph “the calm and the isolated,” which gives him “a reason to explore.” This street party in San Francisco was neither calm nor isolated, but it looks like it was fun.

Dancing in SF
[rcarver / Flickr]

MK Britton is attracted to anachronism and anarchism. Last night she found herself under a gigantic American flag in Union Square in NYC. She says, “The dancing and music-playing was the culmination of a march from Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn arranged by two young students.” Arranged through Facebook and email.

Dancing in Union Square
[r.w. goldeline / Flickr]

Check out the huge flag from the outside.


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