The Sound of Election Night

Posted by Katherine | November 6, 2008 – 12:16 pm

The still photos of election night have a magic of their own, but adding a layer of sound fills in the picture, so to speak. Here’s a rash of videos that document the whooping and honking across the country. They’re mostly bumpy, out of focus, on the fly — but they’re an amazing citizen record of what happened in America on the night of November 4th-5th, 2008.

Starting on the West Coast, in Seattle, here’s the scene from the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Shot by Eli Juicy Jones and found by Sue Salinger.

[Eli Juicy Jones / Vimeo]

Eli describes in more detail what he saw:

Seattle was insane on election night, complete pandemonium. I’ve never seen it like this. There were people on the streets shouting and screaming, chanting everything from ‘Obama, Obama, Obama!’ to ‘Yes We Did.’ I saw couples kissing in the street like the famous V-Day photo of legend. I saw topless girls dancing for the cars passing by. People climbed street signs waving flags, drank beer, screamed, and it was just one of the greatest nights of celebration this town has ever seen.

Just west of the White House in Washington, an hour after Obama’s victory was announced, it was too loud for Michael Kinne to have much of a conversation on his cell phone. (Thanks again, Sue Salinger.)

[Michael Kinne / Vimeo]

Here’s a street in Ann Arbor, Michigan, filmed by twenty-eight-year-old amkim. S/he says, “As the streets filled with cheering Obama supporters, all traffic was stopped throughout Ann Arbor Michigan. Chants of “Obama!”, “USA!” & “Yes We Can”, rang out as people swept the streets in celebration.” (Again, thanks Sue Salinger.)

Smcgrat, 31, filmed students on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. (Hat tip again to Sue Salinger.)

And one more find from Sue Salinger: the crowd in Times Square in New York City receiving the news of Obama’s win. Filmed by 27-year-old munkyluv717.

To see more footage from NYC (from an intersection in the East Village) in which a man climbs on top of a bus moving slowly through hundreds of people, click here.


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