Bye from Sarolta

Posted by Sarolta | November 12, 2008 – 1:53 pm

[Sarolta Cump is a BallotVox co-curator.]

Wahoo! This election has been quite the ride — hard to believe it’s over! With BallotVox, I spent over two hundred and twenty-five hours in this peculiar land known as the internet. It’s been amazing to come across the many musings from hip-hop bloggers and self-declared redneck cabbies in the midwest; to other dedicated folks down in the the Gulf Coast, all across the country and beyond.

I can unabashedly say reading milblogs has been an education in itself and would encourage everyone to spend some time checking out what soldiers, vets and their families have to say.

And now dear readers (viewers?!), it has come time to bid you a fond farewell and ride out into the sunset (or disappear into the ether — as the case may be). But first a big shout out to: Katherine, Jake, my fellow co-curators and the rest of the BallotVox staff. Plus a heartfelt thanks to all of you out there. Keep up the posts — the election may be over but the conversation has just begun.

Buena suerte from Alta California,
Sarolta Cump

P.S. I am a little sad I only found out about the term “freeway blogging” last week…


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