Detroit Bailout

Posted by Katherine | November 20, 2008 – 6:24 pm

Things are not looking good on the bailout front for GM, Chrysler, and Ford. Economist Paul Krugman argues that we should put aside gripes about private jets and multi-million-dollar CEO pay because a $25B “bridge loan” to Detroit would protect 1-3 million jobs. Twenty-four-year-old Lennon just got a degree in philosophy and now works for Social Security. He vlogs with beer-fuelled attitude, and he disagrees that a straight-up bailout is the way to go. He’s got his own proposal:

Lennon says he has “no stake in politics beyond your average American” but “just happen[s] to get angry about it more than the average American.”


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  2. Thanks for the link and the props. I really appreciate it. ‘beer fueled attitude’ is my new favorite phrase

    By Lennon on Nov 20, 2008

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