Message for Obama: Not So Happy

Posted by Katherine | November 23, 2008 – 8:56 pm

[This post is part of a Message for Obama series.]

It’s not all a love-in in Message-for-Obama-land. Some people are telling Barack they didn’t vote for him and are downright scared.

JamieFace claims her “only passion” is photography, but she seemed pretty enthusiastic about John McCain, too. She doesn’t like Obama, and here she challenges him to change her mind:

Prove me wrong
[JamieFace Photography / Flickr]

Jeff Hite doesn’t want Obama to forget that almost half the country didn’t vote for him:

Don’t forget other 48 percent
[JL / Flickr]

Matthew Wilson isn’t on the “change” bandwagon:

Keep the change
[mutti_wilson / Flickr]

Anna Converse likes Jesus, longboarding, and Lord of the Rings. She, too, is leery of Obama’s “change.”

Worried about the future

[bananakin / Flickr]

Pixiesticks23 from the southeast declares that Obama has a long way to go to earn her family’s trust:

We don’t trust you
[pixiesticks23 / Flickr]

She also (coincidentally?) has a Rainer Maria Rilke quote about not changing on her Flickr page.


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