Obamamania: In or Out?

Posted by Katherine | March 25, 2008 – 3:43 pm

Like many clubs, Obamamania looks pretty fun from the inside; less so if you’re on the outside. First, the inside: This is another video found by co-curator Sarolta Cump. It shows avid Obama supporters waiting in the cold at 5:30 a.m. to see the senator and passing time with some freestyle rap:

On the outside, here’s what fervent Obamamania looks like to one Clinton fan. Katie Woods hails from Utah and is now a law student at the University of Missouri in Kansas City. She writes about a Facebook email she received just after the OH and TX primaries:

[I]t shows the hypnotic psychosis of SOME of Barack Obama’s supporters. […] I have made no secret that I voted for Hillary in the Missouri primary, so you can imagine that I was pleased with last night’s results. So, to express my pleasure, as well as to be slightly annoying to my Obama-friends, I logged onto Facebook last night and changed my status to “Katie Woods says, “NO YOU CAN’T! NO YOU CAN’T!” (Anyone who has been keeping up with the campaigns knows that Obama’s byline is “Yes We Can!”).

Anyway, I woke up this morning with an interesting email in my inbox from Facebook which read:

J. wrote on your Wall: “I hope you’re not talking trash on Barack Obama. If so, you might want to de-friend me before I make a fool out of you. I’m dead serious. There’s nothing I take more seriously than electing a President, and nothing I loathe more than someone running their mouth who has no idea what they’re talking about. Think before you update your status. I can see it, and if it amounts to jealous, uninformed bullshit, I will call you out on it. For everyone to see. The moment it happens.”

Now, this email is clearly disrespectful and profane, however, am I the only one who thinks this is borderline psychotic? Mind you, this is a reaction ONLY to my status update. I haven’t communicated with this guy about anything Obama-related, and I have never been disrespectful to him. […]

I made the observation a couple of blog entries ago that I had seen a sort of odd fervor settle on Obama’s supporters. The kind of radical, religious devotion they show unsettles me, and I believe this email illustrates this frighteningly well.

It would be interesting to know whether, at this stage of the campaign, Obamamania is more alienating to Clinton fans or to McCain or Ron Paul supporters.


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