Explosive Take on Global Warming

Posted by Katherine | March 26, 2008 – 3:35 pm

The campaigns haven’t been talking much about global warming recently, so it seemed a good time to remember why they should be. This video (which comes via co-curator James Mills) was made by Greg Craven, a high-school science teacher in Corvallis, Oregon. It’s an enthusiastic argument designed to convince even global-warming skeptics to take action on the climate. Think this sounds earnestly wonky? Then you should know this: Greg wears a funny hat to play devil’s advocate with himself, and he ignites various flammable substances in fun explosions. Take a look:

Another impressive thing about this video is that it’s a full remake of an earlier version because, as Greg puts it, the first iteration had a hole in its argument “big enough to drive a Hummer through.”


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