Message for Obama: No Pressure or Anything

Posted by Katherine | December 22, 2008 – 6:42 pm

[This post is part of a Message for Obama series.]

It’s the season for wishes (from citizens) and gift giving (by Obama). Certain demanding people aren’t just asking for stocking stuffers. They’d like the big toys, gift wrapped, thank you very much. Something like freedom from fear. Or no regrets for casting a first-ever vote. Or fulfilling the expectations of young Americans, not to mention conservatives, the newly hopeful, every single US citizen, the African continent and, heck, the whole entire world. Healthy respect for the Constitution would be nice. So would affordable healthcare or a stable job. If nothing else, saving the world would work.

J.C. Argetsinger is a freelance photographer in LA. He’d really like some action to supplement the hope:

We need action
[UM Sizzle / Flickr]

Megan, a college student in Tennessee, didn’t vote for Obama but says, “Even if you dislike him, support him. […] It’s your country. If you want to go and be a jerk, do it somewhere else. Negativity gets you nowhere.” She’d be grateful if this can-do attitude were rewarded.

Don’t let me down
[melysem22 / Flickr]

Tasha-Rose in northern Minnesota is married to her childhood sweetheart, and her belly has now transformed into a son, Degory-Rune. She’d like Obama to keep his promises to Degory-Rune and his two big sisters.

Don’t let us down
[GaiasRose / Flickr]

Hocouture from Oklahoma would take pleasure in thumbing her nose at her grandmother — in the nicest possible way, presumably.

Grandma I told you so
[hocouture / Flickr]

Patrick Telford from London wants the truth, straight up.

Don’t lie
[thetelf / Flickr]

Hopefully Obama is making a list — and checking it twice.


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