Message for Obama: Michelle is Cool

Posted by Katherine | January 5, 2009 – 2:04 pm

[This post is part of a Message for Obama series.]

On Saturday, Michelle Obama flew early to DC with Malia and Sasha so that the girls could get ready for their first day at Sidwell Friends School; Barack followed yesterday on a presidential Air Force plane. In his election-night speech, Obama described his wife as “the rock of our family.” Michelle herself, highly educated and professionally successful, has said that her primary aim at the moment is to be “mom-in-chief.” A clear-headed goal, perhaps, in light of Cherie Blair’s assertion that Michelle will have to pick up the slack in the Obamas’ private lives.

However Michelle negotiates the mommy wars as First Lady, citizens have been expressing how much they admire her — and prompting Barack to listen to Michelle and not to forget his family.

Adam Fagen, a science-policy wonk in Arlington, Virginia, recorded this group message to the Obamas. It appeared in front of the Lincoln Memorial in DC a couple of days after the election. An anonymous fan wanted to affirm Michelle’s awesomeness:

Michelle is an inspiration
[afagen / Flickr]

San Franciscan Laura Brunow was a spelling-bee champ in seventh grade. As she grew up, she applied her savvy to the web and became an early adopter of Flickr, Twitter, et al. She tells Barack that he made a fantastic choice in marrying Michelle — and in treating her well.

I love the way you treat your wife
[Laura Brunow Miner / Flickr]

In the comment thread for Laura’s photo, Omid Tavallai from Paris says, “The Obamas make me want to be a better husband.”


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